My name is Lorraine Rodríguez and I’m a Puerto Rican illustrator.

Go to @lorraine__rodríguez on Instagram to see my recent work and current projects.

Contact: lorraine.rodriguez.pagan@gmail.com

1988: I was grounded for illustrating my own version of the Guns N' Roses' "Appetite For Destruction" album cover.

1991: Music self-education started.

1995: Started an underground business of making art posters for school assignments. Business lasted three years.

1999: Read important books. Wanted to save the world and join guerillas.

2000: Exchanged letters to several serial killers.

2001: Started studying Puerto Rican and Hispanic literature, and History.

2004: Thanks to strangers I discovered local punk rock.

2006: My friend Raymond and I started an art project called El Bosque. We threw a great house party while his parents were out of town.

2007: Began participating in art venues.

2010: Illustrated my first book. Became a vegetarian.

2011: Spiritual awakening.

2012: Moved to Barcelona, Spain to study Illustration while having lots of fun.

2014:  Sofía and I founded la Unión de Jevas Autónomas.

2016: Accepted at La Práctica, Beta-Local